Just a vitamin in the US, but a treatment for coronaviruses in Asia!

**This article is intended to report on the use of Vitamin C as a medical treatment in other countries. It is not intended to suggest that Vitamin C can be used as a treatment in the US. Always consult with your health care provider for medical advice.**

A Treatment For COVID-19?

In the United States recommending a vitamin or herb for “treating or curing” a disease can land you in hot water with the FDA. In fact, it can sometimes lead to jail time.

Hence, most Americans might be surprised to learn that prescribing high doses of Vitamin C is part of the accepted protocol the latest coronavirus, COVID-19 in China. 

In addition to including Vitamin C as part of the treatment protocol, the Chinese government has also approved ongoing studies and massive Vitamin C purchases. (Over 50 TONS)
Here in America “treating” a disease with Vitamin C may be illegal; however, knowing what treatments are used in other countries can at least help us make wise decisions as far as what may be the best ways to reinforce our own immune systems.
After all, having a strong immune system is one of the best ways to prevent contracting any kind of virus in the first place.

Expert consensus—just in China

On March 1, 2020, the Chinese Journal of Infectious Diseases published the Expert Consensus on Comprehensive Treatment of Coronavirus in Shanghai 2019. The report provided the suggested treatment for the latest coronavirus. Included in the treatment protocol was high-dose intravenous Vitamin C administration.

Note that the Vitamin C administration is just one item in a long list of antiviral treatment steps. There is no suggestion by the Chinese experts that Vitamin C alone can cure a coronavirus.

On the other hand it appears Vitamin C was considered quite important in the treatment protocol since it was mentioned in two places in the document—both in the “treatment” section and the “nutritional support” section.
The Expert Consensus was prepared by 30 contributing experts, and was widely reported in the Shanghai media. The report became known as the “Shaghai Plan.”

Vitamin C manufacturing ramped-up in China

When it comes to recommending Vitamin C for coronavirus treatment, the Chinese government isn’t just “talking”—they are also putting it into practice.
Substantial orders of Vitamin C have already been filled.

In February, DSM Jiangshan Pharmaceutical Co., one of largest Vitamin C manufacturers in the world, shipped 50 tons of Vitamin C to Wuhan—the epicenter of the COVA-19 outbreak in China.
DSM Jiangshan Pharmaceutical Co. is located in neighboring Jiangsu Province and, understandably, was quite proud of their contribution in battling COVID-19. They promoted the shipment on social media, along with photos of the massive shipment.
The entire event was, in turn, widely reported in Chinese media.

Accepted medical treatment in one country is “misinformation” in another
Meanwhile, back in the US the entire episode has been blacklisted by the media.
Vitamin C as a “treatment” is not permitted by US government regulations, and the mainstream media appears unwilling to ask the question, “Why is Vitamin C a recommended protocol in other countries, but its use cannot even be debated in the US?”
While the US media is busy labeling any article, website or video mentioning Vitamin C as “misinformation” or “fake news,” in China the media has already reported that the third research trial has now been approved for intravenous Vitamin C for treatment. (Basic info on the three trials available here; or watch video report here.)
In a world where governments and international health organizations don’t even agree on medical treatments, getting reliable information can be a challenge. You must do your own research, and lots of it.

In the US it is legal for supplement manufacturers to only make generic statements about vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Stating that a certain nutrient will help “build a strong immune system” or “nutritionally support the body” are generally acceptable to the various agencies that oversee supplement manufacturing.

From there a US consumer will have to play a little “connect-the-dots” to come to their own informed conclusions.
For example, if a certain vitamin is used to actually treat a virus in other countries, then that vitamin might possibly have benefits far beyond the legally-allowed claim of, “It helps build a strong immune system.”

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